L'histoire du Château Rauzan-Ségla

- Years of history -
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« When you approach your glass 350 years of history are taking over your senses…»

« 350 years of considering each vintage as a new starting point, since Pierre de Rauzan founded the estate. »

« Season after season, we have to adapt to a series of unpredictable events and factors and keep things on track in a constantly changing environment. »

« 350 years of searching for a balance between winemaking traditions and technological innovations rooted in a permanent quest for precision.»

« 350 years of combining art and expertise, of listening to our senses in order to enhance traditions using a contemporary approach. »

« 350 years of adventure driven by our never-ending quest to create, offer and enjoy the finer things in life. »

« 350 years of placing the notion of sharing at the centre of our preoccupations so that, in the four corners of the earth, the concept of tasting wine remains synonymous with pleasure. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. »

Nicolas Audebert

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